Roller Set

The roller set method causes hair to dry at a slower pace, allowing the ability to absorb all of the nutrients from your conditioner. This method also encourages the existence of more body to hair. Blow hair drying from wet to dry is added stress, by roller setting the hair there is less pulling and less stress to the follicle. For silkier hair, Sashelvis salons use an original mixture of an organic setting lotion and leave in conditioner.

Relaxed hair above shoulder length
Relaxed hair passing shoulder length
Wash, wrap and curl for short hair
Natural (non-relaxed) hair

There is a specific recommended process of eliminating relaxers from hair and Sashelvis is considered to be the best salon to carefully guide your hair through the process. We train the hair so that with the combination of conditioners and roller setting so there is no need for extra heat, the goal is to change the texture of your hair. Going through the natural hair transition at Sashelvis your hair will get enough moisturizer so that you only need a wash and set and blow dry to straighten hair. Our natural hair clients that follow all of our recommendations do not have a need for additional heat such as pressing to straighten hair. The organic egg treatment is essential for clients that are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and those maintaining their natural hair. Natural wavy hair (that does needs press) $45.00+ Spiral/Flex Curl $65+